A3 Main Road, Mines Road & Lhoobs Road, Foxdale

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A3 Main Road, Mines Road & Lhoobs Road, Foxdale
Date From: 24 Oct 2016
Date To: 3 Apr 2017
Area: All Island
Road(s): A3 Main Road, Mines Road & Lhoobs Road, Foxdale
Organisation: DOI, Highway Services
Event/Reason: Road Works
Contact Number: 850000
Email Address: highways@gov.im
Additional Details:

Road closures/restrictions in Foxdale as attached.

Download Futher Information: Information File

Safety Notice

Motorists are urged to take more care when driving near to roadworks. Take notice of advance warning signs and temporary speed signs; if you drive too fast through roadworks temporary restrictions, you risk incurring a penalty. Do not switch lanes to overtake queuing traffic or drive through an area marked off by traffic cones. Watch out for traffic entering or leaving the works area but do not be distracted by what is going on there. The Road Safety Unit advises all drivers approaching roadworks to consider how they would feel if they were standing in the coned off areas of the road and a vehicle went speeding by only centimetres away. Safe drivers – think of road workers too!


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